30 Sept    Introducing The to-go Pet Towels !
    2013    You’re on the go wet pooch quick fix.

Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, (September,2013). – PoochiePets®,  has come with a eco-friendly solution to dry your pooch at bath time, after a day at the beach, or rainy day. Absorbent to-go Pet Towel™ provides an effective and quick solution to dry your pooch.
Slip to-go into your purse or glove compartment to keep handy. No more wet floor or car seat to wipe up. Use in place of a bath towel, wipe down wet pooch, wring out and air dry to-go Pet Towel for the next time. Pet Towel is ready to be used again and again, to- go Pet Towel is also a solution to lander smelly bath towels. The to-go Pet Towel is made from 100% biodegradable wood-pulp with no additives, Pet Towel are safe for family, environment and pet. Towels measure 17” x 31.5”. Pet Towels are available as a single in a re-sealable pouch. Retail €3.50, made in USA

12 Sept   Presenting Poochie-Bells®
    2013   Prevent a messy clean-up with ringing bells
Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, (September,2013) – A solution for preventing a little tinkle in the home has successfully been under found. Poochie-Pets®, LLC of Simsbury, Ct is the designer of a dog doorbell. Owners of dogs who want to avoid a dirty job of cleaning up after their pet. Poochie bells® presents a sensible solution that is easy to learn and adopt.
Poochie-Bell® is based on a proven house training method. Designed to accommodate both large and small breeds, Poochie-Bells® are created to hang on a hook or doorknob next to the door, inside the house. It is a simple and easy way to train your pooch to ring the bells by using there paw or nose. The crystal clear signal of the bells instantly alerts the owner that their dog needs to go outside. “our system is based on the psychologist Ivan Pavlov’s discovery, that one form of learning is a result of repeated stimulus” explains Cheryl Pedersen, creator of Poochie-Bells®. “By ringing the bells each and every time the dog has to go (creating a stimulus), the resulting action will be the reward of being let outside. Your dog learns to associate the stimulus of the bells with the ability to go outside.”
Poochie-Bells® has a 95% success rate when using the recommend house training. “The recommended age for training puppies is 12-to-16 weeks, the puppy needs to be old enough to understand the concept, but no dog is too old to learn this new behavior” suggests Ms. Pedersen. There is one important rule for the best result and that is consistency! The dog can adapt quickly to ringing of the bells but that depends on the  time that is invested in training. Before u know your dog will totally be ringing the doorbell and s/he will be very civilized. Poochie-Bells® must be kept on hook or doorknob at all times so the dog easily can access it whenever s/he needs to go outside.
Supported by dog trainers and breeders alike, Poochie-Bells® come complete with simple and effective training instructions. Poochie-Bells® is a safe, effective and quality product that is made in the USA. With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, you can decide to fit your home décor or choose to express your personality while preventing dog accidents. Poochie-Bells® are portable, therefore, also convenient for people travelling with their pet.  “We take pride in what we do, and are happy to offer the public a product that is both functional and fun.” comments Ms. Pedersen.
For more information and images contact: Jolanda van der Basch  
                                                           Made for dogs